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Gary Willner: Home

Welcome to Gary Willner

A different kind of Ventriloquist, Funny!

Original Comedy and Characters 

A new concept blending Ventriloquism with Stand Up Comedy. The Dummy is the Stand Up Comedian! I'm just there in case he needs a ride home.

Because we use Ventriloquism in comedy, we have to be twice as funny as a stand up comedian!

We don't drink water and talk at the same time, we don't do tongue twisters, we don't yell and pick on the audience.

We just make you laugh like crazy with original, contemporary comedy!


Cast of Original Characters:

Zach Woodcock, Lightening Fast Acid Tongue Smart Guy

Shecky Youngman, America's Tiniest Stand Up Comedian

Dexter P. Gigabyte, Boy Genius

Stinky Webster, ADHD, the Original Rotten Kid

Cast of Celebrity Singers:

Frank Sinatra, "Nat King" Cole,  Elvis Presley

(Life Size Dummies)


Gary Willner & Zac Woodcock!

Gary Willner & Zach Woodcock _resized